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The reward-learning ecosystem for a new generation of education lovers.


Enter Yourself Into The Leaderboard

The Blue Studios Leaderboard is a way of tracking your learning throughout the year. This is your chance to show us how much you learn.

Available for TV platforms and apps

Win big with The Blue Studios Leaderboard

Rack up wins, rank on the leaderboard, and get rewards! It’s like a game without the gamer guilt!

Learn More, Earn More

Earn points by taking quizzes, submitting projects, and competing in contests! The more you learn, the more points you earn. Redeem points for cool swag and things you love.

Learn your way to rewards and recognition

Compare yourself against other learners from around the world and earn the title of #1 learner on The Blue Studios Leaderboard!

Learn and Win

All around the world, there are curious people like you.

People who love learning.

People who are naturally curious about the world and how it works.

Now, you can earn rewards for learning and

sharing your knowledge with the world.